July 22, 2011

New Jellypods website design

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As we slowly, slowly move forward with the Jellypods product, various other bits of collateral are keeping pace and one of the most critical is the Jellypods website.

We already have one website design in hand, but we have worked with some old friends to create a new look and feel – a little bit more energetic and lively, perhaps.

Here are a couple of the very rough designs, as mockups without text or final graphics:-

The idea is to highlight both the transparency and coloration of the Jellypods in the way they are presented on the website, and to highlight some nice videos of Jellypods in action. The colour of the site will change as you select a different Jellypods colour. Do you like this?

Meanwhile we move forward with new CAD of the revised zipper design – more next week…


February 6, 2011

Designing packaging for Jellypods

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Packaging of Jellypods has been something we have considered right from the start, as part of the Blue Ocean approach.

We’ve been through a wide range iterations, from external to internal, from lots to none, but now we have started to zero in on a couple of concepts.

The mainline thinking of packaging Jellypods has always been around allowing people to see and feel the product on the shelf, while also having the benefits and value of the product explained visually to the potential buyer.

It also can’t cost the earth – there’s no point working so hard to cost optimize the basic product only to add 30% extra cost for a wrapper.

That set of goals is encapsulated in the latest designs for a wraparound package which is shown below:

However, one other option that is still seriously under consideration is to avoid external packaging altogether. In a Blue Ocean sense, this makes a lot of sense – it eliminates something that maybe adds little value.

Crocs, a story we mentioned earlier on the blog, deliberately decided to place their products out in the open air, with zero packaging, to show the wide variety of colours.

Jellypods have a convenient little Jelly-shaped hanging hole built into the ziptabs that would make this a very viable option, and because the product is crystal clear, it would be quite easy to put all “packaging detail” inside the Jellypod itself. What do you think?


December 31, 2010

We’ve chosen a manufacturing partner

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It’s official: we’ve chosen a manufacturing partner to help us finally bring Jellypods to life.

It’s taken quite a while to get to this stage, almost a full year since the first scribbles in a notebook, and a large part of that process has been finding and settling on the production partner.

It’s been an interesting journey in understanding production issues and developing various criteria in choosing a good quality supplier. We’ve been lucky in that one of the companies we were considering has been very very positive from the first moment, and has some great references in liquid silicone so we were able to see products they have produced before actually in our hands.

Now we are just waiting for final CAD outputs, which have focussed on final refinements and optimizing the weight of the Jellypods, so that we don’t have a huge beast of a bag to ship around the planet. In fact, this is in a way a kind of cost optimization exercise, and we’ve been able to take about 15% off the weight, which saves a fair bit of raw material cost and therefore helps us to meet out cost target almost exactly on the button we set about 9 months ago. 

Those refinements have taken a little time to get right, but we’ll get there very soon, and over the next few days contracts and purchases orders for moulds, samples and first production runs will be flying across the globe, and soon we’ll be heading out on a trip to visit the factory and meeting our new partners. That will be a very interesting series of visits, as we have to travel across the globe to get there – stay tuned for more updates in the New Year.

May 10, 2010

More gorgeous Jellypods eye candy

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Time for some more eye candy.

Below, as promised, the Ribbon Reef Red and Arctic Ice Blue Jellypods variants:-

Ribbon Reef Red

Arctic Ice Blue

Sea Smoke Grey

Atlantic Ocean Green

Aren’t they cute?

Some of you will also notice we have changed the physical design somewhat in the past few weeks. This is still an ongoing process as we work with manufacturers to get the right mix of design and practicality into the final Jellypods, and it is a tricky thing to get just right.

We’ve also been working on some new colour variations and styles that match certain unique situations, but those have to stay back in the workshop for now!

Next week we’ll be inviting your feedback on your favourite colour – stay tuned for the Jellypods Beauty Contest.

May 8, 2010

Jellypods insert cards

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With every Jellypod we are planning to include a bunch of insert cards to help frequent travelers get the most from traveling incessantly.

One of these handy cards focuses on healthy travel tips based on our own experiences traveling hundreds of thousands of air miles every year. Some of them are not very obvious but they will save you from suffering from illnesses when you get back to home or even premature degradation of physical capacities such as hearing loss; cabin noise can be around 60dB-70dB, about the same as a household washing machine, and over prolonged periods that can damage the hearing permanently.

Here is the layout and tips we are currently working on:-

We’ll be including various other helpful advice cards with various types of Jellypods, and some that are bit less practical but more adventurous – like how to escape from a hijacking or survival in mountains and deserts.

If you have any helpful tips you like to add, drop them into the comments below or mail us at blog@jellypods.com.

April 16, 2010

Jellypod packaging

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We’ve been working with the Jellypods graphic designers in the past few weeks to create some simple but effective packaging for the Jellypods.

Packaging is tricky as it has to accomplish several goals. It has to help us explain the benefits of the product, offer a chance for the potential customer to experience the product directly, protect the product from damage during transport and also express the brand values in its embodiment.

The design we have arrived at will allow customers to touch the Jellypod and experience the soft, silky feel of the external membrane, while also quickly and simply highlight the key benefits. A sneak peak of an early version below:-

What this entire journey is teaching us – along with a new technical language – is that nothing is simple about making a physical product and taking it to market. Even with something as seemingly basic as packaging you have to think through all the little details – things like bar codes, CE marks, hanger holes, the weight it will add for to shipment costs, security, and obviously general attractiveness to passing traffic.

In the coming posts we’ll show some of the detailed design going into the product, and soon we will be showing information about factories. Lots of fun stuff!