January 15, 2011

The market for Jellypods

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We started the Jellypods journey from a personal need, but we’re continuing it beyond the “half-hour serious” phase because to the potential of the original idea.

The original Jellypods design, for frequent flyers, is addressing a large market;  according to IATA, the International Air Transport Association, more than 2,750,000,000 passengers – equivalent to 40% of the entire population of the planet Earth – are going to get on an airplane in 2011. Now not all of those are unique travellers – many are the same person taking multiple trips, frequent flyers.

But just one airline loyalty programme, Lufthansa’s Miles and More, has 15,000,000 registered frequent travellers, and about 350,000 of those are elite travellers, Senators or Hons. Multiply those kinds of figures by the number of major airlines on the planet (about 100 of the 300 or so out there), and that’s a big market that can be addressed relatively readily.

Then when we started to look beyond the core market of the initial design, and look at other uses for nicely designed, waterproof, quirky bags made of hygienic, stretchy, safe, washable, heat/sun/rain/sea/tea/cold resistant bags we found literally dozens of markets out there and started naming various new Jellypods designs after them. We also saw that the basic design could be extended and evolved in new ways to create ideas like Jellyshells (more about this later this year), opening up even more new markets.


December 19, 2010

Accepting investments in Jellypods?

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Over the past few months we’ve been pleased to be approached by many friends and colleagues asking if we are looking for investors in Jellypods.

It’s certainly very nice that so many people are offering to help make Jellypods real, but at the moment we want to keep things simple. So the best answer we can give today is “thanks – but not just yet.”

There are still some hurdles to overcome with the Jellypods concept, and we want to get to a certain point – a point at which we can definitely make the product for a certain price – before asking anybody else to risk any money.

And to some degree – beyond the first $50,000-$100,000 – we hope the business will be self-financing, so the need for a large investment pool isn’t that big.

So what we are saying to many friends is that we will be offering small opportunities – very low risk, small scale involvements of maybe $500-$1000 dollars – so that friends can have a low-cost, relatively low-risk piece of the action for a relatively small amount of money, get something tangible in return, and join in the fun of owning a little piece of something cool. In fact, it will be a little bit like the model used by www.kickstarter.com.

We’ll be offering more information about what kind of packages will be available in the New Year, but you can imagine there will be several levels, with each level offering a variety of benefits: from unique, specially-coloured founder Jellypods, through the right to get several Jellypods for a special price to Jellypods “buddy” t-shirts and even unique prototype artwork.

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