April 2, 2011

Flying to the Jellypods factory

Posted in Airlines, Hong Kong, Production at 8:57 am by Kilo

Tonight at 21:55 CET we begin our journey half way around the world to visit the manufacturing plant helping us build the Jellypods.

It’s been a fascinating journey to get to this stage, and honestly it was very, very interesting to realize that, just like many other manufacturers, our path led us the the Pacific Rim; it wasn’t our intention, and we interviewed about a dozen firms in Europe, USA and Asia, but the in the end the company that showed the most interest in helping us achieve our goals was one based in Hong Kong.

When other (German) firms wanted literally identity cards to know who we were before talking to us; while some just did not respond to about 10 requests for quotation; while others made it clear they needed huge deposits to even talk to us; and while others just responded with “this can’t be done”; one company consistently responded promptly, carefully and with very useful inputs and suggestions on how to solve production problems.

And in the end, the price of each unit, which is largely a function of the amount of silicone used in the product, wasn’t even a major factor: the choice was simply down to customer service and a trusted working relationship.

So tonight we spend 11 hours in the air and next week we visit our partner in Hong Kong. And as we travel to visit the production facilities over the next few days we’ll be updating this blog with short video blogs and travel notes.

So stay tuned as we see the first 100% real Jellypods coming off the production line!


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  1. diver90 said,

    Good luck on your trip. I hope the Jellypods are doing well!

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