January 6, 2011

Refining the design

Posted in Airlines, CAD/CAM, Design, Luggage, Production, Prototyping at 11:20 am by Kilo

The last few days have been all about getting the design locked down ready for the mould to be built. We’re not expecting the design to stay this way for a hundred years, but it would be nice if the first designs we produce were as nice as possible, so a lot of time is being spent on little details.

Here’s a good example – making sure that the tabs used to help with opening the Jellypods are integrated into the mainline of the special slinky “zipclick/zippop” mechanism (this is one of the novel features of the design) smoothly, that they are big enough to get hold of and that the don’t make the whole design look clunky. Getting those curves and integrations right takes a lot of time!

Another small example related to cost saving is ensuring that any branding on the Jellypods is de-bossed rather than embossed i.e. that it sinks into the skin, reducing weight rather than  protruding from the skin and adding weight.

Hopefully today is the day that we get the final design approved and packed off to the manufacturer and by next week the mould tooling will be in full swing.

Don’t forget to sign up at http://www.jellypods.com for more information and occasional secret subscriber-only updates.


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