December 31, 2010

We’ve chosen a manufacturing partner

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It’s official: we’ve chosen a manufacturing partner to help us finally bring Jellypods to life.

It’s taken quite a while to get to this stage, almost a full year since the first scribbles in a notebook, and a large part of that process has been finding and settling on the production partner.

It’s been an interesting journey in understanding production issues and developing various criteria in choosing a good quality supplier. We’ve been lucky in that one of the companies we were considering has been very very positive from the first moment, and has some great references in liquid silicone so we were able to see products they have produced before actually in our hands.

Now we are just waiting for final CAD outputs, which have focussed on final refinements and optimizing the weight of the Jellypods, so that we don’t have a huge beast of a bag to ship around the planet. In fact, this is in a way a kind of cost optimization exercise, and we’ve been able to take about 15% off the weight, which saves a fair bit of raw material cost and therefore helps us to meet out cost target almost exactly on the button we set about 9 months ago. 

Those refinements have taken a little time to get right, but we’ll get there very soon, and over the next few days contracts and purchases orders for moulds, samples and first production runs will be flying across the globe, and soon we’ll be heading out on a trip to visit the factory and meeting our new partners. That will be a very interesting series of visits, as we have to travel across the globe to get there – stay tuned for more updates in the New Year.


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