November 14, 2010

Overcoming production challenges

Posted in Airlines, Blue Ocean, CAD/CAM, Design, Frequent Flyer, Luggage, Production, Uncategorized at 9:57 am by Kilo

Now when you just naively look at Jellypods, you might think: “it’s just a simple little bag made of silicone – easy”.

And to be honest that was also our initial thinking; how hard could it be?

Well, we now know the answer is “quite hard”.

Making Jellypods involves a number of tricky steps that are non-obvious and several design considerations took weeks to figure out.

The main technical issue we face is manufacturing the huge internal cavity via a tiny opening. This creates issues in ensuring the materials being used can be vulcanized, and ultimately extracted from the machines being used to make them, and is actually the trickiest thing we have to address. We have even considered inventing a new technique called “inflation molding” to get around this issue, which is a huge problem.

Another issue is ensuring Jellypod stay closed and remain watertight. After dozens of iterations we arrived at a quite novel solution that not only offers a doubly-secure locking mechanism but that also give the user of the Jellypods a much better degree of watertight-ness.

It’s almost silly the amount of thinking that goes into these things – something as simple as the radius of a circular bump on the closure, or the opening pull tab angles – but those details are what will make this product really sing.


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