May 10, 2010

More gorgeous Jellypods eye candy

Posted in Feedback, Marketing, Packaging, Production at 4:27 pm by Kilo

Time for some more eye candy.

Below, as promised, the Ribbon Reef Red and Arctic Ice Blue Jellypods variants:-

Ribbon Reef Red

Arctic Ice Blue

Sea Smoke Grey

Atlantic Ocean Green

Aren’t they cute?

Some of you will also notice we have changed the physical design somewhat in the past few weeks. This is still an ongoing process as we work with manufacturers to get the right mix of design and practicality into the final Jellypods, and it is a tricky thing to get just right.

We’ve also been working on some new colour variations and styles that match certain unique situations, but those have to stay back in the workshop for now!

Next week we’ll be inviting your feedback on your favourite colour – stay tuned for the Jellypods Beauty Contest.


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