May 8, 2010

Jellypods insert cards

Posted in Design, Marketing, Packaging at 4:36 pm by Kilo

With every Jellypod we are planning to include a bunch of insert cards to help frequent travelers get the most from traveling incessantly.

One of these handy cards focuses on healthy travel tips based on our own experiences traveling hundreds of thousands of air miles every year. Some of them are not very obvious but they will save you from suffering from illnesses when you get back to home or even premature degradation of physical capacities such as hearing loss; cabin noise can be around 60dB-70dB, about the same as a household washing machine, and over prolonged periods that can damage the hearing permanently.

Here is the layout and tips we are currently working on:-

We’ll be including various other helpful advice cards with various types of Jellypods, and some that are bit less practical but more adventurous – like how to escape from a hijacking or survival in mountains and deserts.

If you have any helpful tips you like to add, drop them into the comments below or mail us at


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