April 30, 2010

How big is a Jellypod?

Posted in 3D printing, Design, Production, Prototyping at 5:31 am by Kilo

We got a couple of question about the physical size of the Jellypods, so in addition to the apple picture below, here are a couple of things that might help set the scale.

You can see we have carefully designed the size and shape of the basic Jellypods form to make sure travellers can fit basic items into the podlet:-

Here you can see that the side pockets have been deliberately sized to hold items like razors, brushes and combs, to keep them away from gels that you might use for personal care like toothpaste. The Jellypods will also accommodate a standard length toothbrush in a toothbrush box.

And the closure closes completely over the top of most off-the-shelf bottles and cans that will hold the maximum 100ml volume allowed by airline security rules.

One thing to note though is that this is still just the prototype of the Jellypods; the final material used will be much more flexible. For example, when selecting the softness of the material, the ability to close over slightly-oddly shaped items was also deemed to be quite important, and we are looking at materials that are very tough and durable while having also quite a stretchy capability.

The visit to various suppliers helped us literally feel the various grades of silicone mixes available, and it was quite illuminating to see their various properties in the hand – nothing beats experience.


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