April 28, 2010

First time through an Xray

Posted in 3D printing, Feedback, Fun stuff at 6:02 pm by Kilo

Last week we promised to tell you about something that happened as we traveled through Munich airport a few weeks back.

We were stopped at the airport x-ray scanner by security who saw the Jellypods 3D prototype in our hand luggage on the scanner (shown below scaled against an apple).

They pulled it out and were turning it around in a kind of wonder, and after swabbing for explosives, asked what it was.

When the Jellypods secret was revealed, a small crowd of 4-5 German security guards and x-ray staff gathered around saying “what a cool idea” “where can I buy it?” “what does it cost” “when is it coming out?” etc.

One of the new fans even gave us his email and phone number to get one when they come out and two of them have signed up for email updates at the website.

How nice is it that the airport security people think Jellypods are a good idea? And it’s interesting also that they didn’t raise any concerns about the design or validity of such an approach. To be honest, this is the reaction we get almost every time we show the Jellypods to people for the first time – let’s hope that level of enthusiasm translates into customers joining the Jellypods crowd at some point.


Another little story from the x-ray line this week on the way to Italy: one of our party was in the line with a football team on Monday morning, and not being a football cognoscenti, asked one of the be-suited players “Are you all in a football team?”

The player said “Yes. Bayern Munich.”

Our correspondent then asked “Are you going somewhere nice?”

The player responded “Lyon. Champions League semi-final.”

Our man apologized for not having a clue, but then remembered something and said “Some of my friends were quite upset when you guys beat Fiorentina recently.”

The player looked at our man a bit oddly, then shrugged and said “Yes. We won.”

The conversation seemed to have reached a natural end, and our man continued to check his hand luggage through the scanner.

On the other side he noticed the boarding pass of the player with whom he had been chatting – some guy called Miroslav Klose.

Yes. The very same Miroslav Klose who was accused of scoring the offside goal that put Bayern through against Fiorentina and into the Champions League finals…

Never heard of him.


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  1. […] story about when we took one of the very ealry prototypes through a German airport is here: https://jellypods.wordpress.com/2010/…rough-an-xray/ And by the end of this week I (along with 25 lucky beta testers) will be using a "real" […]

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