April 24, 2010

Jellypods website under way

Posted in Design, Feedback, Fun stuff, Marketing, Web at 10:02 am by Kilo

Sometimes when we look at the list of things that have to get done to bring Jellypods into the world it is staggering how far we have come in such a short period.

The main reason is that we are able to rely on a bunch of great people helping us get things done, even while we sleep. A good example is the new Jellypods website, which is making excellent progress thanks to our friends at SF360 in Santa Fe, Argentina.

The http://www.jellypods.com website currently features nothing more than a simple logo and email sign-up – but it is soon to undergo a big pre-launch makeover.

The design and editorial team have been working on the first iteration of the site during March and April, and we are almost ready to take it out for a first test drive and public viewing. A sneak preview of a couple of the work-in-progress screenshots below (the arrows are feedback comments on the design roughs):-

You can hopefully see that we’re trying to make a website that allows visitors to understand Jellypods as much as possible by playing with the product a little bit in virtual Flash demos, and that also engages ongoing interest through interaction with Jellypods customers. One of those interactions is the “Loop” section, that allows Jellypods users to upload stories, photos and even their own test videos.

Test videos are an idea we will be writing more about shortly. In the meantime, it’s a sunny day and it’s the weekend!


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