April 21, 2010

Jellypods in four gorgeous colours

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One of the key things we wanted to offer in the Jellypod was the chance to have transparency with colour. It’s one of those characteristics that will make Jellypods look completely different to other options.

And to that end we have a range of four colours in the initial limited Launch Edition Jellypods lineup. Here are a couple of them:

Sea Smoke Grey

This is the first time we’ve shown a nearly complete Jellypod – this is still not the final version – in delicious, full colour, full shaded 3D. And now maybe you can start to see why we think these little podlets are going to be the hot “must-have” travel accessory in the coming months.

Atlantic Ocean Green

Unlike the basic ziplock or other alternative bags, the coloration is actually part of the basic fabric of the Jellypod, while still allowing us to maintain full transparency to ensure compliance with airline rules. You can see how the subtle tint manages to allow both characteristics to work together at the same time. This is just one of the special characteristics we are adding into the mix of the special material used to make Jellypods.

And in case you are wondering, the other colours are Ribbon Reef Red and Arctic Ice Blue. We’ll drop some shots of those wonderful colours into the blog soon!


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