April 17, 2010

Working on the zipper

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:25 am by Kilo

One the most tricky things about realizing the Jellypods concept has been making a top opening slot that does all the things we need it to do and that can actually be manufactured. No other part of the Jellypod has been as tricky to design, and we have been through more iterations on that element than anything else.

Below you can see another 3D render of an intermediate design, now featuring the logo de-bossed into the membrane skin. This is a solid wireframe, without true colour and transparency, showing an alternate closure mechanism:-

This was one of the versions we took to 3D printing on an Objet (we will be posting pictures of that prototype in a couple of days). And we are quite happy that we did, because it showed up some flaws in the operation of this design that helped us make the Jellypods better. Who would have thought that a simple bag could be so complex? Even little things like the integrated pull tabs used to open this version needed several iterations to get the shape, height, and position just right!

It just goes to show that seemingly simple products quite often need a lot of work to get to the point where they seem so simple – there is a delicate balance between making something that looks cool, making something that works well and making something that you can produce on machines in a factory. And when we took early designs like this out to specialists in the manufacturing technique we are using, we got some very helpful advice on the feasibility of the design in production that helped us adjust the design. More on that subject, as well as some nice shots from inside the factories, in future posts.


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