April 16, 2010

Jellypod packaging

Posted in Design, Marketing, Packaging at 7:02 am by Kilo

We’ve been working with the Jellypods graphic designers in the past few weeks to create some simple but effective packaging for the Jellypods.

Packaging is tricky as it has to accomplish several goals. It has to help us explain the benefits of the product, offer a chance for the potential customer to experience the product directly, protect the product from damage during transport and also express the brand values in its embodiment.

The design we have arrived at will allow customers to touch the Jellypod and experience the soft, silky feel of the external membrane, while also quickly and simply highlight the key benefits. A sneak peak of an early version below:-

What this entire journey is teaching us – along with a new technical language – is that nothing is simple about making a physical product and taking it to market. Even with something as seemingly basic as packaging you have to think through all the little details – things like bar codes, CE marks, hanger holes, the weight it will add for to shipment costs, security, and obviously general attractiveness to passing traffic.

In the coming posts we’ll show some of the detailed design going into the product, and soon we will be showing information about factories. Lots of fun stuff!


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