April 12, 2010

First images of the product in glorious 3D

Posted in CAD/CAM, Design, Modelling, Production, Prototyping at 8:50 am by Kilo

As we moved through the design process we started getting early colour 3D renders out of the CAD systems and the Jellypods started looking good enough to eat! This was a very exciting moment – we were seeing ideas start to take form in a way that looks quite real.

Below you can see a sneak preview of one of the earliest designs. This was one of the very first 3D renders of the basic shape, without any additional features like internal compartments, skeletons, logos or the zipper closure. But you can already see the form of the product and at least one of the key styling features – the trademark curvy opening slot on top.

These kind of very basic renders are great for understanding the look and feel of the product – the shape, styling, translucency etc – and for communicating with manufacturers, but they are still a few steps removed from something you can make in the real world. Many key features needed exploration and integration. For example, we had to look very closely at the closure system – the shape, the reinforcement, the materials, the way the slider would work, the interaction  with the rest of the Jellypod. You can see one detail of an early iteration below:-

We went through several implementations as both design issues and production limitations became more and more clear. Those changes will be at the heart of the next few blogs, where we’ll be exploring:

  • how ERIC helped us decide which parameters were important for value creation and differentiation
  • how we solved issues with materials that had great marketing appeal but weak mechanical properties
  • how the design changed as we got to grips with actually making this in a factory
  • how we used rapid prototypes to explore and fix issues
  • how working with manufacturers early saved us tens of thousands of dollars on bad tooling

There will much more gorgeous eye candy in the coming days as we build up to opening the website.


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