April 11, 2010

First visualizations using CAD

Posted in CAD/CAM, Design, Modelling at 7:39 am by Kilo

Although the original technical drawings for the Jellypods were created by hand in an A3 sketch pad using pencil, rulers and lots of eraser rubber, it was really necessary to move to a more professional medium to allow us to communicate the design to production partners and slot into CAD/CAM work flows.

The modern age of internet communications is revolutionizing the way many businesses work, and Jellypods has also been able to benefit from the information age. A good example is the collaboration with our CAD/CAM design partner, US-based VeritasForge. Owned and run by Gordon Crum, VeritasForge has been with us since the very first sketches, helping to formalize ideas and rough technical drawings into full scale CAD-originated technical drawings, full colour 3D renders and even full scale 3D rapid prototypes.

Above is the very first rendering of the Jellypod basic squircle-inspired shape in 3D, and below you can see some of the technical specs of one early component in the zipper design. Having this level of technical detail is crucial when it comes to working with production partners, who need very specific inputs to ensure their machines can be set-up to create the products we want.

We’ve been working with Gordon and his team remotely via email, Elance.com, Skype video conferences and Fedex, and we’ve been able to produce some nifty results in just a few short weeks in a highly iterative design process via the miracle of a broadband network. With the time difference between our two locations, that has meant burning a lot of midnight oil to stay on track, but the results have been well worth the effort.

In the next few posts we’ll be revealing more pictures and renders of the Jellypod design as it progressed. Stay tuned!


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