April 10, 2010

How the name happened

Posted in Marketing, Trademarks, Web at 9:17 am by Kilo

Once we had made some decisions on the type of material to be used in the Jellypods, we tried to find a name that fit the way they would appear or feel.

We played around with all kinds of words over a couple of days – pod, pack, case, bag, podule, gel, pax – and had a couple of nice words like Gelpod, Gelpack running around our heads. Then just as we were about to settle for less, our little daughter held up a yellow jellyfish bath toy and beamed at us.

If there is such a thing as a eureka moment, that was one of them – ka-pow! A jellypod! Jellypods! What a great fit – it tells you exactly what it is and by the way sounds pretty nice tripping off the tongue.

A quick Google told us the domain name was free and that the category was pretty much unknown on the internet – something like 2,000 hits and nothing coherent. Bingo. The www.jellypods.com web address was registered soon thereafter, and email addresses were up and running not long after that.

The link to jellyfish was also instrumental in several other signature design feature – more on those in another entry.


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