April 10, 2010

Designing the logo

Posted in Branding, Design, Trademarks at 9:31 am by Kilo

With a nice shiny new name and web domain now up and running, and a few basic product sketches already churning through the CAD machine (more about that soon), our thoughts turned to branding.

We are very lucky at Jellypods to live in the internet age and have some good friends around the planet who are helping out with all kinds of stuff, from website design to computer modeling of the product to design of the molds. But the root of everything is the nice logo created for us by the design team at Fathom in the UK.

It’s sometimes really amazing how a few words and a rough sketch in Powerpoint can be turned into something quite literally iconic. We had some vague ideas that we wanted the cute little jelly in the logo somehow, and also that we wanted to mimic the shape of the Jellypod in the ‘squircle’ shape. We were also quite keen to have a standard Windows/Mac font like Eurostile to avoid compatibility issues. The rough sketch we sent across in the brief looked like this:-

After a short iteration process that threw up a range of ideas, the design guys at Fathom took those thoughts and merged them into a much more cohesive little unit that also delivered the iconic symbol we had been searching for. It’s so nice we will be using it as part of every product, embossed into the side of each Jellypod. So thanks a lot to Nigel, Giles and the rest of the team in Poole for a great job on creating our first – and probably most important – bit of serious identity.


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  1. Am diggin the first incarnation

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