April 8, 2010

The original idea for Jellypods

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Every time a frequent flyer takes an overnight trip it is the same dilemma: how to get on and off the airplane and through security checks as fast as possible without a separate bag for basic overnight toiletries.

Many frequent flyers resort to using the cheap plastic ziplock bags handed out at security checkpoints as overnight toiletry bags, stuffing razors, combs, creams and gels into what are basically sandwich bags that quickly get dirty and need replacing. It’s an unhygienic and unsatisfactory way to travel on business.

Jellypods founders recognized the problem personally. With more than one million air miles behind them – enough to travel to the Moon and back twice – the idea for the ultimate in personal travel bags was born.

Although the problem had been bugging us for some time, the idea for the Jellypods products came together over several days while variously on a business trip, visiting relatives and playing with our kids. Different little bits of information and ideas coalesced into a rough sketch. The scan below shows the first idea in the little black Moleskin notepad:

That fairly basic idea ultimately moved through a long series of notes and sketches that took up almost an entire Moleskin, and eventually morphed into hand-drawn technical drawings created in a sketchbook during a holiday. All those basic tech drawing skills learned back in high school came in handy that day.

From a quick sketch scribbled down in seat 16C through testing of numerous materials to the development of a full CAD design and working models created using the latest three dimensional rapid prototyping techniques, the Jellypods idea has been brought to life by a small team working via the internet. And before you know it, Jellypods were born –  but at that time they weren’t called Jellypods. That idea came a little later.


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  1. […] will have seen the very first version of this in the post below where the initial idea was sketched out in a Moleskin, and it has been quite fundamental in our thinking. Many of the final Jellypods properties and […]

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