April 8, 2010

Inspiration from nature

Posted in Design tagged , , , at 8:06 pm by Kilo

When we introduce the concept of Jellypods being the ultimate in soft, tough, stretchy, hygienic, transparent carrying cases for liquids and gels, many people want to know more about the inspiration behind the design.

The inspiration behind Jellypods is the tough but translucent nature of the jellyfish species; everything inside is visible outside. The materials used are soft, elastic silica-plastic skins with an internal skeleton frame to give strength and shape to the skin, with the skeleton being very slightly coloured – just like the internal structure of a jellyfish.

In fact many of the visual cues of the Jellypods range derive from the way nature has created the jellyfish species, from the silky, semi-ghostly surface treatment of the membrane skins to the glowing, amorphous internal structures that support the skins.

Jellypods initial designs are 100% focussed on the replacement of ziplock plastic bags for security screening of liquids and gels in hand luggage today, but the Jellypods range already extends to other uses, including use of other colours, shapes, internal compartments, external features, decoration and so on. Just as nature has thousands of variations on the jellyfish theme, so we hope to have numerous different sizes, shapes, colours and features in future Jellypods.


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